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FIFA: Health More Important Than Sport

Source: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) –

Fifa president Gianni Infantino has not ruled out next month’s international fixtures being postponed as the spread of coronavirus continues. — BBC

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What does a WuFlu pandemic look like?

Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation –

With coronavirus now spreading through populations far from its origins in China, experts say it’s become a matter of when — not if — the outbreak becomes a pandemic.

Experts say preparation, not panic, is what’s needed now.

“We need to think about whether you have enough medication and essential foods such as canned foods, some pasta or food that can give us fibre, carbohydrate and protein for two weeks, if things were to interrupt the supply chain of food,” Professor Mackay says.

“Don’t forget to prepare for pets as well, with extra supplies of dried pet food and flea treatments in case there are shortages.”

But he cautions against panic-buying supplies or hoarding food.

“We don’t want to see empty shelves,” he says.

“We have time to prepare now by just buying a few extra supplies each time we shop, and set it aside.”